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Choose LED lamp,you need know.

2013/3/15 11:45:40

Want to choose LED lamp, you need know:

 The first, packing and marking.National compulsory for LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer on the product packaging market the following content: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power,rated frequency.Generally speaking, the high quality product logo printing quality is good, the logo clear,with a soft wet cloth to wipe is not easy to erase, and with the manufacturer's trademarks and related certification marks.

Scond, it is lamp appearance, appearance should be no cracks, loose, and interfaces between has been broken open a trace. In the process of installation, disassembly, lamp holder, loosening or failed and should not have. Light plastic case must choose that kind of flame retardant engineering plastics, is characterized by its surface is similar to the simple sense of frosted glass. And common plastic surface is smooth, shiny, but easy to deformation and flammable. is banned for energy-saving lamp production.

Third:There is working condition. LED Lamps and lantern is under normal working state, temperature rise should be low, if the cooling conditions is bad, lamp bead work under high temperature, the light failure will be  very big, lamps and lanterns of life will be greatly reduced. At the same time, in the light of lamps and lanterns and closing, if there is a rapid flashing, also suggests that there is quality problem.

The last:It is to work, Electromagnetic compatibility are electrical appliance must be through the project in the LED lighting products must be printed on the package the symbol of electromagnetic compatibility test of the country. We can also pass a little test to simple judgment, with a medium short wave radio, when lights work, put the radio on, nearby radio accept to lower noise, electromagnetic compatibility, the better the light under test, Heard of LED lamps and lanterns in quiet environment sound at work, if can very clearly hear the sound of the lamps work, illustrate the power of the lamps and lanterns is not very good.

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