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LED Lighting Eases Global Warming

2011/10/25 10:54:10

Nothing is more important than calling an action to save our planet,recent nesearches show that CO2 emissions are occurring at a rate doubling the capacity that the earth can assimilate.Furthermore,CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are now 380 ppm,which is higher than any measured necords over 4,000,000years,worsening global warming.

Lighting is a basic necessity,therefore,the greater use of LED lighting products is considered to be the quickest and simplest option for reaching the state of carbon Neutral so far.When comparing with incandescent bulbs,LED lighting products deliver incredible lighting performance while consuming 90% less power,and generating 90% less CO2 as a result.

Countries worldwide have begun to realize the need for carbon reduction,and some respondec actively to combat the issue.

Ireland would stop using incandescent bulbs by January 2009,making it the first country to implement such a ban.

1.Australia declared to phase out incandescent light bulbs gradually before 2010

2.Argentina declared to ban the sales of incandescent bulbs in 2010

3.United Kingdom declared to replace incandescent bulbs in 2010

4.The Federal government in Canada announced to ban the sale of incandescent bulbs in 2012

5.California has passed the law to ban the sale of incandescent bulbs in 2012

6.EU has announced to ban incandescent bulbs by 2015

7.Activists from Japan have lobbied to ban companies producing incandescent bulbs

8.Philippines plans to ban the sales of incandescent bulbs in 2010

9.China government is planning to ban incandescent bulbs in the coming years

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