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LED lighting advantage-typical green light source

2011/3/13 13:55:02

1.Energy Saving:60% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamp,80% of saving than traditional incandescent bulbs,75% of saving than halogen bulbs,80% of saving than mercury lamp and 65% of saving than high-pressure sodium lamps.

2.Low CO2 emissions!

3.Long Lifetime:Low maintenance cost!LED lifecycle is up to 50,000 hours,far beyond than general average 8,000 hours lifetime of fluorescent,1,200 hous of incandescent bulbs as well as 6,000 hours of energy saving bulbs.

4.Green,non-toxic substances:Free of mercury,lead,chromium  and other toxic-metals.Environmental protection and substainability.

5.Low illumination depreciation:Unlike fluorescent lamp or energy saving bulbs,illumination depreciation decreased sharply due to time or temperature matters.

6.No Ultraviolet(UV):Irradiation does not damage the subject matter,there will be no mosquitoes.

7.Non-thermal radiation(infrared light):no radiant heat,less heat,reducing the consumption of air-conditioning.

8.No electromagnetic(EM) and radio frequency(RF):Unlike the energy saving bulbs or T5 fluorescent tubes.

9.No starter and ballast:reduce costs,instant start and safety.

10.Point to light:no light pollution.

11. Single wavelength:does not affect plant growth

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